Local Dog Training Services in DFW

We love our dogs!

They are practically members of the family, but even as much as we love them, it would be nice if they would stop soiling the carpet, sit when we ask them to, and stop chewing up our shoes.

Thankfully there are a good number of dog training services available in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Canine Advanced Training Services

Canine Advanced Training Services is located in Hurst, Texas and offers a number of classes specific to your pooch’s needs. There are several group classes, including Puppy Obedience Training, Beginner Classes, Intermediate Classes, Advanced Classes, and Fungility Classes. Along with these group classes, you can also enroll your pup for private training, behavior training, and board and train, which are personalized for your dog.

Wendy Dek, the owner of Canine Advanced Training Services, has glowing reviews, all gushing about how she loves the dog more than the money. She is very highly revered in the DFW area for dog training.

Pet Smarts

Pet Smarts are located all around the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and are good and reputable. Pet Smart’s website promises that your pup will excel not just in the classroom, but also in the real world.

Puppy Training, Beginner Training, Intermediate Training, Advanced Training, and Trick Training are several group classes that you can enroll your doggy in. Along with these basic classes, you can even unroll your dog for Therapy Dog Training. These classes will help prepare your dog for the Therapy Dog Evaluation, in order to earn his or her certification.

If your pet needs a more personal experience, private training is also available. If your puppy is a PetsHotel guest, Personal Training Camp is an option.

Man’s Best Friend

Located in Dallas is Man’s Best Friend.

Here there are several types of training that are available. In obedience training, both Puppy Training and Dog Training are available.

They provide the “Hybrid” style of training, which involves twenty different methods of training. They try to focus on the dog’s psyche, fixing your pup’s obedience issues by getting to the core of what is causing your dog to act the way that he or she is. This style of training has proven to better the relationship between owner and pet.

Protection training is another program that is available. Protection-trained dogs are statistically the best defense from crime. After an evaluation to ensure your pet is up for the task, he or she will be taught to attack on command, including learning bite, hold, and release. These methods rely on control, communication, discipline, and structure.

Finally, they offer service dog training and therapy dog training. In service dog training, they will train your pet to provide a specific service to your specific disability, such as blindness, deafness, mental illness, mobility impairment, seizure impairment, or diabetes.

Therapy dog training is also available, which trains your pup to provide assistance, affection, and comfort to a wide range of people.

Therapy dogs are extremely useful for those in hospitals, hospice nursing homes, or those who deal with autism, anxiety, depression, or some other mental illness.


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